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UNICEF Youth Advocacy Guide: Call for stories

We are looking for stories about active African youth citizens, young people who have taken on an issue and tried to make a positive difference in their communities by advocating for change and gathering support.

Maximum: 255
How did it begin? What inspired you to take action? What were you hoping to achieve? What were the key things that happened? How did people respond to your idea? What was the outcome or what did you achieve? No limit
How did you become aware of the issue? How did you know this was something important for everyone, and was something that you should take action on? How did you gather information and find out what you needed to know? No limit
Did you identify any policies or forums that would influence what you were trying to do? Did you attend local or national meetings with government, businesses, universities or civil society groups? How did you share your story with people? No limit
Were there any existing policies you needed to find out about? How did you find out about these policies and what did you do with them? How did you connect your issue to policy? Did you have any difficulty reading or understanding the policy? What did you No limit
How did you communicate with the authorities or the people who would be able to make change? How to you communicate with the people in your community? Did you organise any events? How did you share your message? Did you include any stories or lessons that No limit
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