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Dealing with Bullies

Bullying is when someone deliberately and repeatedly hurts another person. Bullying is never OK. Signs of bullying include physical injuries, problems at school, and sadness at home. Bullying can happen face to face. It can also happen online – for example, if people send nasty texts or say mean things about others on social media. This is cyberbullying. All bullying is hurtful.

When it keeps going, it can cause long-lasting harm. If you and your friends disagree or even argue, or if someone says something mean once, it can be unpleasant and even nasty. But it isn’t bullying. Bullying is mean and hurtful behaviour that happens over and over again.

Here are some helpful ideas to deal with bullying. They will help you to deal with any future bullying or negative social behaviour. It also helps you to feel more confident and less powerless about being bullied.

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