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What’s a digital story?

Learn about blogs!

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A blog is a type of website that is regularly updated by one person or a group of people, containing articles - also called blog posts. Blog posts reflect the writer’s view or opinion on a particular topic and are written in more informal, conversational language.

Usually a blog focuses on one or a few topics - such as youth issues, travel experiences, global development, music reviews etc.

On the one hand, there are websites that allow you to create and manage your own blog, such as Wordpress, Tumblr or Blogger. On the other hand, there are bigger blogs or mobile information websites that feature posts from various contributing authors, such as Internet of Good Things, Voices of Youth, Medium or Huffington Post.

You can use Internet of Good Things to share your story right now!

Many blogs - whether they are personal blogs or bigger blogs - are very popular, with thousands of weekly readers and dedicated followers.

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1 comment

Anonymous 25 September 2018

I never knew what a blog was

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