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What’s a good digital story?

Learn how to captivate your audience


A good story is a clear and to-the-point. It should make your readers interested and leave them wanting to read more.

To make sure that your blog post is high quality and interesting for your readers, follow these six tips.

  1. Your blog post is about your view on something

It doesn’t matter whether it is a serious issue or a fun issue, a global issue or a local issue, make sure to express your personal thoughts.

  1. Your blog post has a good structure

Make sure that your post has an introduction where you introduce the issue, a main body of text where you develop the issue and a conclusion section where you wrap it all up.

  1. Your blog post is captivating

Make an effort to tell a compelling story to your readers. There are many ways to make a post powerful – try to write something inspirational, funny, sad, uplifting, troubling, philosophical or critical.

  1. Your blog post is clear

Make sure that your text not only makes sense to you, but also to your readers. This means that sometimes you’ll have to explain details that seem obvious to you, but not to the readers...and always check spelling and grammar!

  1. Your blog post is not too long , or too short

Find the right length for your post. Make sure that your blog post is at least 200 words and maximum 1000 words.

  1. Your blog post uses proper referencing

If you mention facts or numbers in your article, you should also make it clear where these come from and what the source is. This is called referencing. You are not expected to reference every line of your text – but use it for the most important information. You can show the source by using hyperlinks or putting in the information at the end of your article.

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Anonymous 25 September 2018

Nice topic!


Anonymous 25 September 2018

What about videos?

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