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Community service project

Once you are informed about the plastic issue and how it affects your community and ecosystems, then it’s a good time to plan your community service project to Cooperate and Act. You can use our Community service project guidelines to have a better understanding of how to plan, execute, and evaluate your project.

Community Service Guidelines


Here are some examples for ages 7 - 10...

Organise an assembly on the plastic issue

With your friends, with the help of an adult, assemble your friends and among yourselves select a speaker to speak on plastic pollution

Take it to local governments or policy makers

With friends, identify a key issue that you think the local politician or even minister would consider taking action to resolve. Then, (politely) raise this directly with them, pointing out the consequences and support for action on this issue. To pass this section, you will need to have written a persuasive letter, explored a meeting or call with the individual, and tried your best to influence them about the alternative. Make sure you take a selfie with the politician too!

Good luck!

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