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Dealing with physical abuse

Find out what you can do against it.

Physically abuse of a child can result in injury, cause disabilities or even end in death. Being violent towards a child can also cause emotional and psychological problems.

Violence must not be used to discipline children. Children learn to behave well when they are told what is expected of them and treated with love and care. Praise your child when he or she does something right.

How can you tell the difference between punishment and discipline?

Punishment is physical harm that can injure a child. Punishment can lead to anger and resentment. It does not encourage improved behaviour.

Discipline covers all the ways used to train and teach children self-control and good behaviour. When you discipline a child, you do not cause physical or psychological damage.

What should you do if you find out a child has been physically abused?

If you discover that physical abuse is happening, help the child to talk about the abuse, either to you or a ChildLine service. You can find a full list of the Child helpline number by clicking here (external link, data charges may apply). This will enable you to report the issue to a social worker, village leader, hospital staff or the police.

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