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Referral System

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COVID-19 Referral System

The COVID-19 referral pathway links COVID-19 patients to treatment centers or to other emergency systems like ambulatory services, which may be reached via emergency hotlines or emergency digital platforms. Check with your closest health facility on the specific referral systems in place for your community to handle severe cases of COVID-19. 

If a person is a probable case or tests positive for COVID-19, they may be referred to a larger facility dedicated to the care of severely infected patients, or, if the symptoms are mild, they may, depending on national policies, be instructed on the appropriate home-care measures.

What to Expect if Referred to a Health Facility for Admission

As a health worker, you may have to prepare your patient for what to expect if they are referred to a health facility to manage the disease. Some of the items below may be relevant to you and your patients’ contexts. You can use some of these talking points to help prepare them accordingly:

Referral System
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