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SMS by texting 100 to 4712225 to donate 100 Baht. SMS donation is subject to 7 percent VAT and not tax deductible.

What change has Internet of Good Thinsg achieved so far?

ECD we need you

Early Childhood Development: In 2017, in South Africa, IoGT was accessed by 1,06 million users and helped communicate UNICEF’s ECD information and Care for Child development tips and activities to an audience of 650,000 among which 44% were women. More on how Internet of Good Things helps build the foundation for early learning in Eastern and Southern Africa in this web story

Emergency we need you

Emergency and Health: In 2017, Internet of Good Things was used to provide emergency related information around epidemics, conflicts and natural disasters to 900,000 users in 33 countries and territories. IoGT supported UNICEF response to disease outbreaks in Angola (Cholera and Yellow fever), Benin (Lassa fever), Mozambique (Cholera), Nigeria (Cholera) and Latin America (Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya). More on how Internet of Good Things is providing life saving information in Emergency context in this web story

The Internet of Good Things